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Email Marketing

Keep in touch with new and old audiences, building a truly interactive community around your brand with fully managed email marketing that sees us grow your email list with a targeted audience, producing weekly or monthly newsletters to keep them engaged.

What's Included?

List Management

We'll manage your email list and campaigns, as well as offer tips and tricks for promoting your email list via your current marketing channels

Original Content & Copy

We'll create all of the content and copy, matching your brand vision and tone of voice, researching and creating an interesting, relevant and engaging read for your audience.

Monthly Reports

With regular meetings and monthly reports, we'll help you to continue the growth of your mailing list with data-lead insights and recommendations.

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Take an omni-channel approach to community marketing, building a hub for your audience to keep in regular contact, easily gain audience insights and create a new lead generation channel.

We'll  help you to manage your campaigns with regular meetings, updates, and advice and guidance on what to talk about. We'll create original content and copy that aligns with your brand purpose, tone of voice and situation, reaching new and current audiences directly.

Contact us today to find out more.

We'll arrange a free 30 minute discovery call to discuss your goals.

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