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Why You Need To Have An Online Presence

We are living in a digital age and whether we like it or not having an online presence is no longer a preference or a benefit for brands, it’s a necessity.

By definition an online presence is the online representation of a company or person, it provides you with a platform to communicate with your target audience which when paired with a strong strategy and creative direction, can provide you with incredible results. If you are an individual looking for a job or a way to kickstart your career you need an online presence to create a personal brand and a name for yourself online. If you are a business owner looking to gain inbound leads you will need a platform to connect with consumers and raise brand awareness. Regardless of your goals or purpose online establishing your presence will allow you to create foundations that you can build upon in a way that reflects your brand identity.

Personal branding

It’s never been more important to have an online presence than it is now. As humans we seek connection, we want to engage with and learn from others and a key place for these interactions is social media.

It’s extremely important to build a personal brand and take control of the narrative that there is of you online. If you offer services a personal brand will allow you to present yourself as an authority figure in your niche, attracting clients and establishing trust. Similarly, if you’re looking for a job having a strong personal brand can make you stand out from the crowd. According to a CareerBuilder survey 70% of employers use social media to screen candidates during the hiring process, making this the perfect opportunity to show them what you’re capable of.

There’s no doubt that a personal brand can open up opportunities for you and all it takes is authenticity. For me personally building a personal brand and creating a platform where I can share advice and speak about my journey has changed my life. It was the first step in my marketing career and something that I’ll forever be glad that I did. Whether you post once per week or every day you can start to connect with others and show your personality, gaining trust and authority online.

Building a business brand

Technological advancements and the rise of social media mean that we rely on the internet to help us make purchases. As a business if you aren’t online you miss a key opportunity to connect with your target customers and provide them with all of the information they need to choose you over competitors.

According to a Salesforce survey 85% of consumers conduct research before they make a purchase online, so by neglecting digital marketing methods you’re missing out on a great opportunity. If your brand isn’t present online your customers will struggle to find the information they need to confidently purchase from you.

If a key aim of your business currently is to generate leads, social media provides you with the means to engage with your target audience and offer them value. You can lead them to a website containing blog articles, information about your services and everything they need to feel confident making a purchase. This is key to turning your target market into consumers and building up brand awareness.


The internet and social media play a key role in our lives as well as the customer buyer process. For an individual having an online presence allows you to build a strong personal brand and control the narrative people have of you online. For a business having a personal brand allows you to provide your customers with key information and show off your USP.

We help our clients to build engaged communities around their brands with a variety of digital marketing methods and tailored strategies, showing up to interact with your audience daily on your behalf. We help you to utilise social media for it’s true purpose, injecting life and personality into your online presence and helping you to diversify your channels online and offline, expanding your sales funnel and generating inbound leads.


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