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When should you change career? Never mind a job!

This is not one of those … And today’s specials are ‘Bash the Boss’ with an extra side of slagging dressing. So, if you were hoping for the likes of ‘I hate my job, but I hate my boss more’ kinda thing then you will be completely underwhelmed and you are free to scroll on.

But for those of you who are still here and curious about what else it is that you could be good at? Or thinking about, where, your life’s road has brought you to? Then read on.

Why is it known as a ‘leap’ and not just a ‘move’?

Is it in fact calling the action a ‘leap’ exactly what makes it all seem so scary and impossible to do!?

When is the right time?

Aged 20 something, 30 something, in your 40’s 50’s 60’s? Or simply never? I mean, you have spent half your working life already training and bettering yourself in your current industry. Being recognised for great work and updating your qualifications. Put up undoubtably with countless challenging decisions and situations to now believe or maybe even realise that, “that is it!” What you were once so passionate about has just simply fizzled out! Perhaps the work / industry no longer serves you, inspires you, aligns with you. Only you will know when the time is right and, when that time comes, it will be all you can focus on and think about.

How to prepare for an Industry move.

  • Take time to reflect on what it is that you want to move into?

  • Look on a handful of job boards and read the job descriptions. See what job types appeal to you.

  • Do your research as soon as possible on courses and qualifications that you may need to gain before you begin to start the wheels in motion from the outset. This will also introduce you to like-minded people that you can get to know and who will most likely help you make new and useful connections.

  • Get studying!

  • Tell only those you trust if you must tell someone. Refrain from chatting to colleagues in your workplace until you really are prepared for the onset of a gazillion questions and…. Probably best once after the boss has been informed.

  • Begin networking. Tip- Set your social media settings to ‘private’ or ‘reduce’ account visibility by managing and screening what some, or all of your followers can and cannot see. Especially if the boss or your colleagues don’t know and don’t need to know yet.

  • Set up new social media accounts to attract new connections and opportunities in your new or next area of interest.

  • ‘Check in’ with yourself regularly to really feel that the changes you are making are really whole heartedly the right ones. Be honest! But this doesn’t mean lose your nerve or doubt yourself. To ‘check in with oneself’ is to measure your happiness levels and the direction or pace that you are moving into and or at.

  • Consider your financial situation. Maybe you need to save up some funds first to cover the transitioning period. It may happen that you even experience or wish to have a bit of time off in between ‘leaping’ and ‘landing’ in your new desired role.’

  • Update or scrap fully and revamp your CV. Tailor your CV and cover letter to meet the job requirements you are interested in.

  • Create a Linkedin profile to learn and follow your interested work field. Gain confidence and knowledge by being firstly a spectator on the platform. Then begin to ‘like,’ ‘comment’ and maybe even ‘post’ to start new connections.

  • Don’t doubt yourself and your capabilities.

  • Go for it! Be brave! Do it for you!

Are you ready?

Beat the overwhelm and begin with small steps only. Don’t force the process, but don’t sit back and lose pace either. Remember, nothing changes if you keep doing the same thing everyday.

Like this post if you want to know more about changing careers and why it could be the best thing you ever decided to do.


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