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Types of Content Marketing Strategies; and their uses

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Discover the top three content marketing strategies and their best uses as advised by Chloe Fox, our social media and content marketing expert.

Content Marketing is not itself a strategy, it is just a method of digital marketing, much like email marketing or advertising; in order to effectively design and roll-out a content marketing strategy, you need to look at your brand (mission, goals, purpose), and your target audience.

Once you’ve researched and analysed various aspects to establish who your target audience are, where they are and what method(s) of marketing they’ll respond to, it’s time to decide on the type of strategy you’re going to use.

Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership Content Marketing centres around pioneering thoughtful conversation, engaging wide audience and building a platform for discussion and debate. This can be done by breaking down situations that are common for your TA, providing a different perspective on topics of importance, or offering advice that your audience will find useful and insightful.

Successful Thought Leadership Content must be relatable to your target audience, show your experience and expertise within specific subjects and look to inspire, educate and inform. It is best used for the purpose of personal branding, or where a brand supports a specific message/cause, such as charity organisations.

Types of thought leadership content include blogs, polls, reports and surveys.

User/Employee Generated Content

U/EGC inspires direct interaction with a brand and it’s audience with shared experiences, enhancing the customer experience of a brand. Great user generated content helps brands to really connect with their audience, as well as getting people talking. It requires the advertising of some kind of challenge, activity or reward which users or employees can partake in, that is instantly recognisable as being connected to a specific brand.

Big brand successes include Apple’s ‘Shot on iPhone’ campaign and Coca Cola’s ‘Share a Coke’ campaign. This type of content marketing requires a strong brand presence, and can be used to increase brand awareness, and solidify the personality and reputation of a brand, it is typically used for B2B brands/products, but can be adapted for the B2B world.

Types of user generated content include guest blogs, competitions, giveaways and viral trends.

Subject-Matter Strategy

Subject Matter content centres around your product/service and industry expertise. It requires the providing of value-driven content to your target audience that provide industry and company insights, helping them to see why they should be loyal and open to your brand and products/services.

It requires solid knowledge of your target audience and their situation, for which you can provide knowledge and expertise through the sharing of content such as how-to videos, infographics and case studies. This type of content marketing works best for B2B companies and industry leaders/pioneers.

Each content strategy has it’s pros and cons; some will suit your brand, others won’t. But ultimately the choice should come down to which strategy best aligns with your brand, your audience and your marketing goals. Think about your brand’s purpose and how each of these strategies may help you to move toward that purpose.

And regardless of the strategy you use, ensure that you are providing your audience with content that is of high quality, with value-driven insights that are accurate and well presented, all written and published with a purpose.

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