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New Marketing in a Digital Age - Is Traditional Marketing Dead?

Technology is quickly becoming an essential part of our everyday life but do we realise how influenced we are by it?

As our use of technology increases so does the requirement for online marketing strategies. Social media and other online applications provide us a whole new set of opportunities to reach a wider audience faster and more effectively, but is it the best way and does that mean traditional marketing techniques are no longer relevant?

Changes in Marketing

If you asked someone 20 years ago how marketing reached the target audience their answer would fall along the lines of ads in newspapers, direct mail, large scale posters and billboards in prominent locations. At the time, these methods were the best, and only, option and were highly effective. Technology today introduced new marketing methods such as TV and radio adverts, and with these methods it became possible to reach larger audience, but they often came with a hefty price tag. With the advancements in technology and online apps, we have found more cost effective methods that provide quicker ways to a wider market. Much of the information we consume today is digital; Snapchat, Tik Tok, Instagram. This has changed the way marketing reaches its audience. Marketing methods have changed to these new medias to expand the reach and effectiveness of their brand.

Finding What’s Best for Your Audience

Another key part in new marketing is finding what works best for your audience demographic. If you’re looking to sell something to someone of an older generation then posts on Instagram may not be your best approach, but online marketing is an easy way to quickly reach your audience and convenient. Online posts can give short summaries of points that people can read and quick links straight to a website allow people to buy products they see or understand a brand in a way that was never an option with marketing in newspapers.


In today’s modern world, marketing can create a buzz like never before. Adverts overload us from everywhere, sometimes without us even knowing. Influencers encourage us to follow them and buy new products. All of this happens at such a pace, forcing decisions to be made quickly before everyone moves on and the chance is lost. So, while old marketing may not be completely dead, new marketing in a digital age is essential to your brand and reaching modern audiences


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