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Guest Blog; EIGHT things you need to STOP doing in STOPtober that will make your brand more Coherent

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Andrew Cameron, Founder and owner of Coherent Creative, explains how these simple changes in attitude can help you to make your brand more coherent.

STOP thinking your brand is just a logo A distinctive logo is vital. But it's just the start of your visual identity. Which, in turn, is just a fraction of your brand. If a designer promises to deliver you a new brand and only designs you a logo (however good), they're a logo designer, not a brand designer.

STOP trying to please everybody… When asked who your target market is, STOP saying "everybody". Everybody is nobody! Your brand will be nebulous and unfocused. START by working out WHO your ideal customer is. Then work out HOW you communicate with them.

STOP trying to do everything… START to concentrate on where you excel. Then ONLY do that. When you focus on doing LESS, you do it better. You become the experts. And you can charge more for it.

STOP thinking of your branding as a cost START to think of it as an investment. Then start to think about how you can optimise your Return on Investment. Your brand can be one of your organisations most valuable assets.

STOP being inconsistent STOP using too many fonts.

STOP using too many colours.

STOP using clip art or second rate stock photography to communicate your message.

START being more consistent by creating a brand guidelines document.

STOP trying to DIY Unless you're a branding professional, your time and focus is better spent elsewhere. Instead of trying to Do It Yourself – employ a professional. Your organisation deserves it.

STOP keeping your story to yourself.

STOP feeling self-conscious about promoting your organisation and sharing your achievements.

START telling your customers about your organisation, the problems you can solve for them. STOP putting it off. The best time to sort your branding out was when you started your company. The second best time is NOW. The sooner you sort your branding, the sooner you'll see the benefits.

Engage a branding professional. START the ball rolling.

About the Author

I’m Andrew Cameron. Most people know me as Jock. I set up Coherent Creative to deliver cost-effective, no-nonsense branding to business. I love working with smaller and medium-sized businesses, helping them establish and build their own brands, and communicate them with clarity – delivering clear business benefits.

After working for many years on brands such as KFC, Castrol, BP, Verbatim and British Gas – amongst many others – delivering creative solutions on brand, on budget and on time, I learned that while the strategy is vital, communicating the plan in a straightforward, no-nonsense way is better than doing it in an overly complex, jargon-laden fashion. So l developed the Coherent ‘branding without bullshit’ promise.

You get all the value of a professional, coherent brand, and all the relevant strategy – without any of the fluff. I’ve found smaller businesses value this no-nonsense approach.



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