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Changing Your Career Part 2 - The Doing

When does the thinking begin? What’s behind the curiosity of what if?

Spending 3 decades in the Performing Arts Industry, all while bumbling my way through Social Media and content creative tasks ,in an adhoc, chaotic, no plan, unorganised kinda way. I came to realise around 4 years ago that my passion for one was lessening and the other, was rapidly becoming much more enjoyable and more exciting.

Suddenly like a poke in the eye from my favourite fruity cocktail umbrella garnish, complete with sparkles. It was undeniable that Social Media and Marketing was the way forward for me. “Finally” Dad hollered “A proper job!” But then he also turned on his heels sharpish to ask Siri what it was exactly.

So here I am, 43 years of age with a ‘can do’ ‘will do’ ‘it better f*@%ing do’ attitude. I followed the steps written in my previous post and well it worked. For anyone who is only finding me here now. I will pop the link at the end and recommend you read part 1- When should you change career? Never mind a job!

So hooray, I am now a Social Media Content Creator for Level Up Marketing and loving every minute of it. The first thing I did, was run out to the shops and buy myself a lovely cream leather chair, one that spins I might add! Don’t all girls in marketing have a nice cream spinny chair?

How did it happen?

After hours of researching, soul searching and networking, I dived deeply into my now chosen and wonderfully exciting industry. All my spare time was taken up with learning learning and more learning. I took digital courses online instructor led, albeit virtual. I followed the advice and trainings given, studied hard, completed my coursework opened up new Social Media accounts, remained focussed and the path unfolded for me.

The thought of attending an interview after 20 years, terrified me.

I don’t know what I was worrying about more so? The fact that I might come off looking stupid, out of my depth possibly (Imposter Syndrome kicking in.) Or that the interview experience would be a negative one. I mean, hand on heart if you had the chance, would you prefer your first meeting, or want your first impression to be through a screen?

Where your opportunity can be foiled by WIFI issues, the mic not working, endless freezing and sudden laptop reboots, the “ooh sorry tunnel” of 2022. That old chestnut. Not to mention a misbehaving laptop, an untimely delivery and don’t get me started on the pesky pup that just wants you to play ball with them instead of letting you get your sh!% together.

All of these challenges ran through my mind, chipping away at my confidence and self-belief, able to stop me in my tracks at any point in time and make think me yet AGAIN, to quit or not?

I can’t tell you how much energy was wasted in this head space and wasted it certainly was. But this was my introduction to the phrase “Imposter Syndrome” something that appears to be well known in the marketing industry as I have learnt whilst casually browsing LinkedIn.

After 2 online interview meetings which, were both very professional and great conversations. My interview experiences were nothing less than positive, even after pleading with the puppy dog to play with his quietest toy for the duration.

No need to call for back up.

Sure, in this covid age we still live in, my interviews were as mentioned virtual so I could carry out operation ‘tunnel.’ The great escape plan just in case it was all going really badly. Fortunately, this was not my experience and I never had to resort to the backup plan.

What’s your back up plan? I’d love to hear your exit stage left moments.


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