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Introduction to Personal Branding

Whether you're the CEO of an established brand, the Founder of a new start up or a young professional looking to make waves in their chosen industry, we'll help you to define, establish and build your personal brand.

What's Included?

Defining your Brand

We'll work with you to define your purpose for being online, select your content topics and determine your tone of voice, showing you how to reflect this in your posts. 

Social Media Optimisation

We'll edit your profile image and provide a bespoke banner/cover image, as well tips on how to better utilise your profile features.

Get just this for £150.

Personalised Content

We'll get to know you, then help you get to know your audience with 10 ready-to-publish posts and 20 post suggestions/topics with tips for future writing.


We want to help you tell your story and engage with your audience through the use of a personal brand. Become a thought leader, an innovator or a teacher to many as we work with you to develop and grow your social media presence, keeping your goals in mind.

Want to share your professional journey? Encourage like-minded people to connect? Perhaps you want to support your company brand, or build your own brand to open the doors to opportunities. Bring your vision to life with a jump start from us and further advice whenever you need it. Contact us today to find out more.

If you'd like to go ahead, contact us to arrange your 60 minute consult and pre-consult questionnaire.

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